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Re: mplayer installer package

>> something like mplayer-installer debianized somewhere...
>Screw the installer mess.  As long as there are ongoing questions of
>mplayer's license being honest (how many times have they sworn it's really
>all GPL now?), there will likely not be even an installer package.  Once
>questions of license are resolved, there will probably be a package in
 there will be, latest version that went to my sponsor can be found at
http://eyck.forumakad.pl/debian, along with mplayer-skins ( this will
follow shortly after mplayer is in debian ) and mplayer-fonts ( this will
have to wait some more, until someone tells me that those fonts generated
from microsoft .ttfs are distributable, or someone comes up with free
.ttfs ).
 There is still one more file with dubious licence,  but since it belongs to
mencoder, which is not going to debian this instant, I have removed it,
just like debian-legal advised me to. 
 So what we have here is clean source that only my lack of skills and lag
between me and my sponsor is holding back.

 And about that file with dubious licence ( it seems ok, but it cointains
phrase praising opendivx code as and inspiration, and is in fact opendivx
vbr code rewritten from c++ to c, debian-legal said that it's better to
remove it from the code coming to debian, just in case).

 If anyone knows about any issues with mplayer source, please contact me,
or mplayer-users, and notify.
 It took more than a year to get this stuff to the point where it is now,
 and spreading FUD is not very helpfull. 
Once again - if you know about any issues, PLEASE  say so,  it'll get fixed.

kind regards. 
Dariush Pietrzak

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