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Re: mplayer installer package

On 19 10 2002 10:27, Dariush Pietrzak wrote:
> >> something like mplayer-installer debianized somewhere...
> >
> >Screw the installer mess.  As long as there are ongoing questions of
> >mplayer's license being honest (how many times have they sworn it's really
> >all GPL now?), there will likely not be even an installer package.  Once
> >questions of license are resolved, there will probably be a package in
>  there will be, latest version that went to my sponsor can be found at
> http://eyck.forumakad.pl/debian, along with mplayer-skins ( this will
> follow shortly after mplayer is in debian ) and mplayer-fonts ( this will
> have to wait some more, until someone tells me that those fonts generated
> from microsoft .ttfs are distributable, or someone comes up with free
> .ttfs ).

Thanks for your GREAT work Dariush along with this provided from 
http://marillat.free.fr/. It's nice to hear and see that there are people 
around working hard to resolve the issues ... Probably at some point it might 
be useful to think about cpu optimized packages if worthy. Here are some nice 
examlples as references I am aware of:

Yeah, Yeah ;-) I know I can sync the code from Mplayer CVS and even pass my 
options (not just compiler/linker ones) to configure than autodetected 
through: DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=--bla-bla fakeroot debian/rules clean binary 
(which I currently do using Daruish's maintainer scripts) 
Greets, fr33zb1 
[catching up with Sid (the boy next door who destroyed toys :-)]
[reg your bg translation or grab one from http://www.bgit.net/?id=37892]

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