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Re: "Description improvement" probably not

Bernd Eckenfels wrote:

(Lies, damn lies, and statistics.)

> grep "Description: [A-Z]" /var/lib/dpkg/available | wc -l
>  8439

joey@dragon:~>grep "^Description: [A-Z]" /var/lib/dpkg/available | grep '[.?!]$' |wc -l
joey@dragon:~>grep "^Description: [A-Z]" /var/lib/dpkg/available | grep '[^.?!]$' |wc -l

> grep "Description: [a-z]" /var/lib/dpkg/available | wc -l
>  1377

joey@dragon:~>grep "^Description: [a-z]" /var/lib/dpkg/available | grep '[.?!]$' |wc -l

Feel free to file bug reports on some of those. Just don't ask for all
of them to be promoted to full sentences; eyballing the list I see
mostly sentence fragments that should not end in a period.

joey@dragon:~>grep "^Description: [a-z]" /var/lib/dpkg/available | grep '[^.?!]$' |wc -l

> grep "Description: [^A-Za-z]" /var/lib/dpkg/available | wc -l
>  102
> It does not realy look like a consencus here, but it looks to me like a
> clear majority.

Indeed, a majority do not end with punctuation.

joey@dragon:~>grep "^Description: .*[.?!]$" /var/lib/dpkg/available | wc -l 
joey@dragon:~>grep "^Description: .*[^.?!]$" /var/lib/dpkg/available | wc -l    

So, if he really wants, maybe Martin Schulze can file 9 thousand fresh
bug reports?

see shy jo

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