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Re: "Description improvement" probably not

Martin Schulze:
> To my knowledge there was consensous to capitalize the first word of
> the one-line description as one should do with regular sentences.

I linked to the latest thread I know of, which did not show any signs at
all of a consensus on this point.

> This "best packaging practice" helps recognizing the description fast
> for humans and is also documented in the Develpers Reference[1]

Stuff seems to get added to the developers reference all the time; there
is no process, and the existance of some statement there is not policy
and need not reflect any consensus.

Bear in mind that the developers reference pushes for example,
debhelper. And yet I think if bugs were filed on packages that did not
use debhelper, you would see some annoyed responses. The developers
reference promotes the use of dbs, and yet some of us with good aestetic
judgement find dbs to be <explitives deleted> and avoid it like the
plague, and find that it impedes debian QA work. If I got a bug on one
of my packages saying that I should use dbs, well.... The developers
reference says that you should post to this mailing list before doing
mass bug filings; you and others have manifestly ignored that.

Martin Wheeler:
> It is just too easy for the individual working at the micro-level to lose
> sight of the bigger picture at the macro-level.

I'd be interested to know how you feel this applies to me, if you went
back and read my original post at the head of this thread. Or are you
just uselessly pontificating?

see shy jo

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