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Re: "Description improvement" probably not

Joey Hess wrote:
> (Please Respect my Reply-To.)

You should've used Mail-Followup-To instead.

> On dates ranging from 160 days ago until today, Martin Schulze wrote:
> > Subject: <package> - Description improvement
> > 
> > Package: <package>
> > Version: current
> > Severity: minor
> > 
> > - Description: <not a complete sentence>
> > + Description: <Not a complete sentence>

s/<not a complete sentence>/$current_description/
s/Not a complete sentence>/$improved_description_by_Joey/

Where $improved_description_by_Joey referst to a capitalized first
letter or a left out "a " at the beginning, though.

> It seems that Martin Schulze has an automated script that files these
> nuisance bug reports on any new package that enters the archive with a

FWIW: All such bug reports are written manually.  Only pseudo header
lines Version and Severity are added automatically.  I wouldn't dare
to automate this.

> short description that is not capitalized as a sentence. I found out
> about this in general after the third such bug was filed on my packages.

I'm sorry.  I'll try not to hit you again with such a wish.

> In filing that bug, Martin ignored my previous two protestations that I
> am capable of calitalizing words on my own, and that I disagree that
> this is necessary if the description is not a complete sentence.

I remember this.  However, when I'm preparing DWN I have to check the
list of new and noteworthy packages and consider some of them for
inclusion and some other to be left out.  On doing this I also have to
take care of the description.  When I stomp over a package whose
one-line description looks improvable to me and I'm in a good mood I
usually ask the maintainer to improve the description, mostly by
capitalizing the first word, since the description is good for most

If the maintainer disagrees, he should close the bug report, since
it's only a wishlist bug and he isn't forced to accept it, but can
refuse it as well.

To my knowledge there was consensous to capitalize the first word of
the one-line description as one should do with regular sentences.

This "best packaging practice" helps recognizing the description fast
for humans and is also documented in the Develpers Reference[1]

   For consistency and for an aesthetic concern, you should capitalize
   the first letter of the description.

> [2] And if you're doing this by hand, you're just wasting twice as much time.

So.... I should rather use a script then?



 1. http://www.debian.org/doc/developers-reference/ch-best-pkging-practices.en.html#s-writing-desc

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