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Re: RFC: some new deb package flag: "upgrade-conflicts"

>>"Anthony" == Anthony Towns <aj@azure.humbug.org.au> writes:

 Anthony> Both of these aren't an issue if you have the user run the
 Anthony> "upgrade-dotconf" script -- setuiding is obviously unnecessary, and if
 Anthony> you've got special needs for your homedir, you're in control of when
 Anthony> (or if) it's run from the word go, although you might have to write a
 Anthony> .xsession or a .bashrc or similar.

 Anthony> Given that scenario, the questions would be:

 Anthony> 	* when is the dotrc-upgrade stuff done? (at next login
 Anthony> 	  after upgrade?) 

	In this case, how does that help? I have 15 users on my
 machine, not all of them using the same mail filtering system, who
 use bogofilter. They all train their datasets based on some rules in
 their filtering system. 

	I install the new bogfilter. I do not log out, and nobody
 tells me anything during install. The new bogofilter continues to
 corrupt 15 datasets, all carefully build up over time (and the emails
 used to create that corpus have long gone).

	How does the script running at next login (could be days) help
 uncorrupt data?

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