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Re: RFC: some new deb package flag: "upgrade-conflicts"

> It might be an idea to adapt debconf for this, so that it doesn't matter
> so much whether you start up in X or login over ssh -- you can end up
> with a GUI or a tty interface as appropriate.

Yep, User-Debconf, i think i suggested something like that sometime.
Got quite a bunch of flames for doing so ;)

I suggested three debconf "parts" by then:
Debconf as it is used right now for basic package installation
Debconf for optional use by the admin (think of linuxconf)
Debconf for use by the regular users.

Actually i like the idea of providing "postinst" and "postrm" scripts
for the users, too. I could have used this for galeon, although the
wrapper was there anyway and the cleaner solution.


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