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Re: Different logging formats, standardization...

> ISTR you saying something along the lines of "And i don't like syslog
> too much... i don't care if it's a posix standard, i'd like to have more
> advanced things." Sorry for misinterpreting that. 

That was a separate paragraph containing my personal opinion.

> The original proposal I remember reading was "What i would like is some
> standard to especially express and log the severity of the message",
> which syslog already does. You may want to argue for a different syslogd

See, you havn't READ my mails. I said repeatedly that i think this is
not fine-grained enough and that there are different severities of

> ball of wax than modifying every application that uses syslog (thus
> making the debian versions of those applications log differently than
> other versions, creating a real hell for those who centralize & analyze
> heterogeneous logs.)

That is why i suggested we should propose a standard and then talk to
these applications, so they change the logging for _everyone_.
Any idea why i suggested LSB? Because i don't want more incompatibility
than we already have (every mailer loggs differently for example)


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