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Re: Different logging formats, standardization...

> > What is wrong with sending strings in a more standardized way to
> > syslog?  Like beginning all strings with a verbose severity?
> why dont we just get application to use the right priority instead?

Doesn't solve the problem that priorities aren't fine-grained enough for
me, and that syslog doesn't write the priority into the logfile
(only allows to write different priorities into different logfiles)

There are warnings where i need to do something, and there are
informational warnings (such as spam rejected)
still both are real warnings and should use the warning syslog priority.

And i don't like syslog too much... i don't care if it's a posix
standard, i'd like to have more advanced things...
Lots of apps already use their own loggers instead of syslog.
And lots of apps are built modular, so one could select in the init
script wheter one wants logging to syslog or something else.

Why does apache not use syslog? because it's too limited for apache's
needs. Same for dozens of other apps. And I'm not talking about people like 
djb with their TAI time logging - which i don't like...
but of the needs of newbie users, which are AFRAID of our current logs,
they don't know how to deal with them or how to read them.


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