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Re: GUI, Graphical or nothing in the one-line Description: ?

"John H. Robinson, IV" <jhriv@ucsd.edu> writes:

> Mario Lang wrote:
>> I think it is quite important to clearly specify if something is
>> GUI or text-mode.
> is a curses interface GUI or text or cli?
It is text.

> i believe the distinction should be X, or console, since most
> curses-based gui's will still work on a console.
True, the most important distinction is if the program
is either:
1. X11 or framebuffer: Graphical
2. curses/slang, ctk, whatever, cli: text

But it could be useful to add a third category, cli, which specifies
all command-line and pipe-driven tools.

> good example: xfm (X), mc (curses), cp/mv/ls (cli)
You forgot gmc :)

> all three do the same thing (basically) but have vastly different
> interfaces.
> so perhaps we need to better define what a GUI / CLI is or is not (if we
> have not already, and i am simply dense)

I think it would be very useful if we could have a clear distinction,
best would be if this could be integrated into the package managment tools,
especially if it comes to viewing package lists or searching...

I'm too gren to step forward and propose some changes in control files,
but maybe someone can think of an elegant way to do this?  It will
take a long time till all packages are categorized correctly, but
it would be very worthwhile doing imo.


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