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Re: GUI, Graphical or nothing in the one-line Description: ?

Ludovic Rousseau <ludovic.rousseau@free.fr> writes:

> Le vendredi 06 septembre 2002 à 18:57:09, Jamie Wilkinson a écrit:
>> This one time, at band camp, tomas p wrote:
>> >On 5 Sep 2002, Colin Walters wrote:
>> >
>> >> >   Description     : GUI program to manage MuscleCard smartcards
>> >>
>> >> Could you at least change "GUI" to "Graphical"?  We should keep as much
>> >> technical jargon out of the descriptions as possible, unless the target
>> >> audience of the package will know what it means.
>> >
>> >IMHO GUI is clearer than "graphical". I'd be expecting something fancy
>> >when reading the word "graphical".
>> Description: MuscleCard smartcard manager
> That would be a solution but I have two packages with nearly the same
> functionnalities. One is graphical or GUI or whatever you call it (uses
> QT) and the other is in text mode or CLI or whatere you call it.
> The two ITPs are #159749 and #159751.
> I think it is informative to tell if it is a "graphical" or "text"
> version in the one-line description.
I totally agree!  I'd even say it's important. There are people out there
(like me) who can not use graphical programs at all.
I think it is quite important to clearly specify if something is
GUI or text-mode.


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