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Re: Improper NMU (Re: NMU for libquota-perl)

On Mon, Sep 02, 2002 at 10:41:48AM +0200, Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> Le Mon, Sep 02, 2002 at 12:20:22AM -0400, Elie Rosenblum ?crivait:
> > Would you agree that performing an NMU without a BTS entry is wrong?
> Nope.
> The strict minimum is :
> - create a patch for the NMU
> - make the patch available to the maintainer (via direct mail or bts)
> If you upload the package to DELAYED, it is enough to respect the spirit
> of the NMUs guidelines (which are in developers-reference).
> BTW, the developers-reference evolved quite a bit since the good old
> days, and the DELAYED stuff is mentionned in the NMU guidelines...
> please read it again.
> http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/developers-reference/index.en.html

Please also read section 5.2.3. The exceptions everyone is talking
about are documented there as well, and that's during the release
cycle. As for _unstable_:
     Bug fixes to unstable by non-maintainers are also acceptable, but only
     as a last resort or with permission.  The following protocol should be
     respected to do an NMU:

And the rules following it make sense, and should really be

DELAYED is fine. Not submitting a bug is not fine.

> > I've been hit with an
> > irresponsible maintainer performing an NMU without submitting a
> > bug at all, even if it was 5 minutes before he uploaded.
> This is ridiculous. An NMU is not a punishment for bad maintainers,
> it's an offer of help to help you catch up in your Debian work.
> No one should be offended by an NMU.

I am offended with how the NMU was done. I've had one other NMU done
before and it was done right; however, it also broke the package in
question. I don't think I bitched that it was done though.

> > especially since we have little control over which keys can
> > successfully upload any given package.
> You want respect for yourself, you don't want to be treated like
> an "irresponsible maintainer", but you show absolutely no respect to
> people who are doing NMUs to help you.
> Think about it, people doing NMUs are other Debian developers like you 
> who take their free time to help you, and look how you thank them.
> Even if he made a mistake, it's not a big one, the upload was to
> DELAYED, the package has not yet been installed, you have a chance
> to dump the NMU by uploading your own fix.

I just want him to follow the guidelines.

I think he would have been within the guidelines by something as
incredibly simple as a BTS entry. How fucking hard is that?

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