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Re: Next Debconf

* Andreas Tille 

| So I would suggest when the organizers of Debconf2 and some people from
| Skandinavia would agree to organize a conference those to parties should
| find an agreement where to meet in 2003 and where in 2004.

since nobody else has taken up the thread:

I am planning Debconf 3 to be held in Oslo, from Friday July 18th to
Sunday July 20th.

Joeyh hess mentioned a good idea in the DebConf2 post-mortem thread:

: What I wouldn't mind seeing is 2 or 3 days either before or after
: the next one that lack talks and are just there for ad-hoc
: discussion and face time and hacking. It was nice to have the talks
: but I really went for the other 3 items. Call it 'debcamp' or
: something. Extra organizational overhead should be near-zero; the
: people who stay on for debcamp just use the same facilities as does
: the conference.

Since this will be the weekend after cofsino (Conference on Free
Software in Norway), I'll try to get a debcamp thingy before DebConf.
Hopefully it can be a full week, but I guess people can show up in the
middle of the week if they'd like to.

Please don't ask for a lot of details yet -- things are still
forming.  I'll post stuff on d-d-a when they are ripe.

If you want to hold a presentation, don't hesitate to contact me.

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