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Re: Next Debconf (Was: trustworthy, seasoned developer, and Swedish)

On 6 Aug 2002, Tollef Fog Heen wrote:

> | > |  It would be nice id we find a decision soon.  If you ask me
> | > |    Debconf 3 in Europe   and
> | > |    Debconf 4 in America
> | >
> | > What about .au and Asia?
> |
> | Folks, could you please stop all those "what about" bullshit and start
> | to actually *work* on a debconf wherever you would like it to happen?
> | "What about" does not buy us anything, instead it just feed the trolls
> | that are around everywhere.
> It was meant as a question if they wanted to take it up -- I think it
> is polite to offer them the possibility and not grab the rug from
> underneath their feet.
I kept your idea in mind when I did my proposal and tried a little bit
of provocation :).  If I'm not completely wrong the debconf.au is some
kind of conference for the people there and if there would be someone
who would feel ignored or something else he would certainly stand up.
I think Anthony's funy answer is a kind of agreement that the people
on the third important area of high developer concentration (looking
on Edwards fine maps) agree to meet there and as long as we do not
get a huge amount of sponsoring just for traveling to conferences this
seems reasonable.  I would really love to go to Australia or Japan or
whatever interesting place in Asia and I guess some other fellow
developers do so as well.

So I would suggest when the organizers of Debconf2 and some people from
Skandinavia would agree to organize a conference those to parties should
find an agreement where to meet in 2003 and where in 2004.

> The summer is long. :)  It has been in June earlier, so until I hear
> something else, I'll assume that it'll still be in June.
Especially the summer days are really long in the end of june if you
go to North ;-))

Kind regards


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