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Re: Get rid of /etc/mtab ?

On Fri, 2002-07-26 at 20:45, Goswin Brederlow wrote:

> Wichert Akkerman <wichert@wiggy.net> writes:
> > Previously Goswin Brederlow wrote:
> > > > * Not everymount mounts /proc
> > > 
> > > They don't have to use the link
> > 
> > Then what's the point of this whole discussion?
> To provide and support that option for people that don't want
> /etc/mtab requiring / to be RW.
touch /var/mtab; ln -s /var/mtab /etc/mtab

Nowhere does it say that / should be mountable readonly, /usr, yes, but
not /var.  I imagine many more things would be broken by doing this than
you'd initially expect.

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