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Re: Get rid of /etc/mtab ?

Previously Goswin Brederlow wrote:
> > * Not everymount mounts /proc
> They don't have to use the link

Then what's the point of this whole discussion?

> > * /proc is not mounted early in the boot sequence
> Doesn't seem to hurt anything. Also one can provide a /proc/mtab file
> on / for mount (and others) to fall back to until /proc is mounted.

I doubt having /etc/mtab suddenly change in the middle of the both
sequence when /proc is mounted is very helpful.

> > * not all mount options are listed in /proc/mounts
> Which options are missing and where does that matter?

See other posts. And it definitely matters (loopback devices aren't
cleaned up for example)

> > * Using /proc/mounts in a chroot means leaking lots of information about
> >   the host system into the chroot (the info is there anyway via /proc
> >   but with different paths which don't exist in the chroot. Also chroots
> >   don't always have /proc mounted but may very well mount other things)
> Again, use /etc/mtab in a chroot.

How would debootstrap know when to use a symlink and when not to?


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