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Re: Menu code update (7/25)

On Jul 26, Denis Barbier wrote:
> I have no python2.2 here at work, so I can't send the exact error message.
> It crashed with a trace callback ending with 'invalid ASCII code (128)'
> or something like that.  But there is no indication on which file is
> being parsed.
> To reproduce it you only have to put a non-ASCII (>127) character in
> any file.

Ah.  I'll improve the error handling there.

> Depending on context, SortOrder may or may not be locale dependent.
> For instance if you are listing language codes it is natural to display
> current language first.

Yes, but that has relatively little to do with the menu system in
Debian (more to do with .directory items for things like Nautilus -
the spec is fairly general in that regard).

> Also as format is extensible some new translatable keys may appear.

True.  Again, that will be be in the policy (and the .desktop
standard, which the menu policy inherits from).

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