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Re: Menu code update (7/25)

On Thu, Jul 25, 2002 at 07:12:21PM -0500, Chris Lawrence wrote:
> > Some menus are localized and need first to be converted into utf8, see
> > e.g.  /usr/lib/menu/doc-base-doc-linux-fr
> > It would be nice if your script did report an error message and continue
> > processing.
> > Apart from that it worked fine.
> I didn't realize there were some already localized somehow.  What was
> the output (or did it crash)?

I have no python2.2 here at work, so I can't send the exact error message.
It crashed with a trace callback ending with 'invalid ASCII code (128)'
or something like that.  But there is no indication on which file is
being parsed.
To reproduce it you only have to put a non-ASCII (>127) character in
any file.

> I believe it assumes either ascii or iso-8859-1 encoding for existing menu
> entries...


> The only keys that are translatable are the ones marked as
> LOCALESTRING (or LOCALIZED) in parse_menus.py; they are:
> - Comment
> - Name
> - GenericName
> - SwallowTitle


Depending on context, SortOrder may or may not be locale dependent.
For instance if you are listing language codes it is natural to display
current language first.

Also as format is extensible some new translatable keys may appear.

> Categories are used by the menu system internally, and are not
> displayed to the user, so they should not be localized.  Instead, the
> desktop files (Office.directory, Games.directory, etc.) for each
> "folder" of the hierarchy will be localized.  Of course, this will be
> spelled out in the policy.

Great, thanks for these explanations.


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