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Menu code update (7/25)

The current code is at http://www.phy.olemiss.edu/~cnlawren/debmenu/
Here's what I have for people to play with so far:


  Parses old-style menu files.  If executed from the command line, it
  will convert everything in /usr/lib/menu to the .desktop format and
  dump the converted files in /var/tmp/debmenu (you'll need to mkdir
  this first).

  If you're particularly suicidal (i.e. you run GNOME2), you can then
  cp -s /var/tmp/debmenu/*.desktop /usr/share/applications
  and all your Debian applications will show up in the GNOME2 menus
  (after enough prodding - you probably will need to log out first).


  Parses .desktop files, creating a dictionary subclass that has all
  the metadata from the .desktop file.  If you run it from the command
  line, it will parse the gnome-terminal.desktop file and return a few
  selected attributes, using the interface for i18n (play with LANG to
  adjust the language it chooses).

  This will be the basis for the new update-menus.  Moshe Zadka came
  up with a fairly simple generator interface a few days ago that will
  probably be used by the menu-method files.

Still to be decided:

- The exact hierarchy.  I have a draft hierarchy that is similar to
our current default hierarchy, but with branches under several of the
overloaded menus, and new top-level menus for some categories that
have become more relevant (notably Office-type software).  I'd like to
make the hierarchy easily customizable on a per-system or per-user

- The substance of the new menu policy.  The policy will mainly
specify the extensions to the .desktop standard we use and the
internationalization policy (my general feeling: the untranslated
fields must be in the most widely-used or understood variant of
particular English words - "colour" not "color", but "soccer" not
"football" for association football - en_US would translate colour,
en_GB would translate soccer, en_CA or en_AU would translate neither,
since they have their own sports called football and they spell color
in a semi-snobbish way; other languages may need similar default
policies like pt vs. pt_BR).

- Probably 1-2 other things that I promised in a previous post but
then promptly forgot about.

Chris Lawrence <cnlawren@olemiss.edu> - http://www.lordsutch.com/chris/

Instructor and Ph.D. Candidate, Political Science, Univ. of Mississippi
208 Deupree Hall - 662-915-5765

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