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Re: Menu code update (7/25)

On Thu, Jul 25, 2002 at 04:01:36PM -0500, Chris Lawrence wrote:
> parse_menus.py:
>   Parses old-style menu files.  If executed from the command line, it
>   will convert everything in /usr/lib/menu to the .desktop format and
>   dump the converted files in /var/tmp/debmenu (you'll need to mkdir
>   this first).

Some menus are localized and need first to be converted into utf8, see
e.g.  /usr/lib/menu/doc-base-doc-linux-fr
It would be nice if your script did report an error message and continue
Apart from that it worked fine.

> parse_desktop.py:
>   Parses .desktop files, creating a dictionary subclass that has all
>   the metadata from the .desktop file.  If you run it from the command
>   line, it will parse the gnome-terminal.desktop file and return a few
>   selected attributes, using the interface for i18n (play with LANG to
>   adjust the language it chooses).

Providing stats for translators to see which files need to be worked on
is very helpful.  Unfortunately no robot (even written in python) is able
to determine which values must be translated unless either
  a. there is a fixed list of translatable keys, or
  b. translatable keys are declared in every file, e.g.
  c. translatable keys are marked by appending [C] to keys:
     and keys without language attribute are treated as not translatable,
  d. other ideas?

IMO you should choose one option and make it part of the menu policy.


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