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Re: Planned packages for sarge

* Eduard Bloch 

| #include <hallo.h>
| Tollef Fog Heen wrote on Mon Jul 22, 2002 um 11:28:03AM:
| > aph has said he doesn't want to do -boot stuff after woody.  d-i
| aph was generaly busy in last months. I volunteer for maintaining B-F
| for the Stable branch and required development.

fine, then we have two projects competing for the same manpower.
Kinda silly, isn't it?

What are you trying to do?  How long do you think we can continue to
use b-f?  What will come after it?  When do you foresee that

| > is/was the project of joeyh.  joeyh asked if I wanted the
| > responsibility for it, since I was (more or less) the only one doing
| > anything related to d-i for quite some time.  I accepted that
| > responsibility.
| You do not see the point. You are fixed on having right and presume that
| there is a law prescribing to use D-I for Sarge. But, come on, show us
| any live signs from D-I. Eg. success reports from more than i386.

show us some live signs from b-f, like success reports from the Hurd,
like working hardware autodetection, like autopartition working.

see how silly that statement is?

It is a known limitation of d-i that it _currently_ is i386 only.
Most of the code is not arch dependent at all, it is normal
non-lowlevel C (if such a beast exists).  I am going to get it working
on SPARC if nobody beats me to it sometime during the next month or

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