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Re: Monster's Inc characters? (was Re: Woody++ (IMDB Research Provides the Answer))

I think the real beauty of the Toy Story names was that, while we know where
they come from, they aren't necessarily immediately recognizable as Toy
Story. Woody, Buzz, Slink... sure, when you put it all together it's
obvious, but alone it's not really recognizable and therefore fairly safe
from lawsuits. I think if I went for something like "Debian Frodo", the name
would be recognized immediately as being ripped off and the estate of
Tolkein (assuming the copyright is still in effect) would have a reason to
come after us. Same goes for something like "Debian Wiggum", "Debian Neo" or
"Debian Optimus Prime". (Just to name some things off the top of my head.)
We need to find something similar, where the names _could_ stand alone
naturally, but when put together are related.

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