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Re: Politics again! (was: Re: DebConf 2 post-mortem)

[ apologies to those not familiar with 'the crocodile hunter' ]

"Sam Couter" <sam@topic.com.au> writes:

> But it's alright if the good guys strike the bad guys first, because
> they're... well... bad. And we're good. Yeah, hooray for our side!

Crikey, Oi think we've spotted some kind of wild, amehican-bashing
bush-nipper - indeed, we've got owahselves a fine specimen!  We've got
to be veh-ee careful now, cause this felleh's got shahp teeth.  C'n
yah see them?  He could take yoh leg off in one bite with those
powahful jaws of his!  Myself, Oi olways have to handle these with the
utmost of cahe, so's not to huht them - theah hoides aah very delicate
despite the ferooocious appearhance!

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