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Politics again! (was: Re: DebConf 2 post-mortem)

[ I'm actually prolonging the pain here ]

Scott Dier <dieman@ringworld.org> wrote:
> There is a majority here that want drugs to not be out there.  Theres a
> majority here that dont paticulary like terrorists.

And a majority that don't think black people should be able to vote, or
sit in the same seats on the bus as white people?

Democracy is just mob rule of a different magnitude.

>  I personally think
> that people who wage war over an idea with no state linked backing are
> criminals and not 'soldiers'.  If a state is involved, its just warfare
> of a different type.

Define "state". Compare your definition with others. Wage war to force
others to accept your definition as the only correct definition.

> What should be scaring you is the "strike first" crap that gets spouted
> off about Iraq.  Talk about setting a example for the others in the
> neighborhood.

But it's alright if the good guys strike the bad guys first, because
they're... well... bad. And we're good. Yeah, hooray for our side!
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