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Re: announcing apt-src

Just out of curiosity, how do you see this fitting in w/ kernel source
trees, make-kpkg, and the various kernel patch/modules/etc?  I'm not a
big fan of make-kpkg; dh_kpatches, otoh, is quite convenient from a
packager's point of view, but not an end user's.  From your description,
it sounds like apt-src should be able to manage kernel source trees
nicely, and w/ a few feature additions for kernel patches, modules, and
perhaps even some sort of debconf interface which calls hardware
detection packages to provide a list of hardware... ack, I'm getting
carried away. :)

On Tue, Jun 18, 2002 at 11:24:24PM -0400, Joey Hess wrote:
> apt-src is sort of like apt-get for source packages. Where apt-get
> source can just unpack, and optionally compile a source package, apt-src
> can:
> - install a source package into a specified location
> - upgrade installed source packages
> - while upgrading, bring forward any local modifications you've made to
>   a source tree, automatically (unless patch fails, then manually)
> - while upgrading or installing a source package, build it, and
>   maybe install all the debs produced, with one simple command
> - query the installed source packages, in human readable ways, and also
>   machine readable ways that may be useful for sources that depend
>   on some other source tree being available in a well-defined location
> The goals for this thing are:
> 0. Be very easy to learn for anyone who knows apt, warts and all. 90% done.
> 1. Be usable by a regular user, not just root. Done.
> 2. Make tracking that bloody pine package, and any other similar
>    packages, easier. Done.
> 3. Make it trivial to make local modifications to a source tree, and
>    keep them up-to-date accross upgrades. Done.
> 4. Rationalize and standardize debian's handling of source packages to the
>    extent that we can get rid of all the nasty -src and -source binary
>    packages eventually, and just use source packages.
> 5. Eventually support source dependencies of some kind.

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