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Re: announcing apt-src

Moshe Zadka wrote:
> > Let me know what you think.
> You totally rule!
> > To install the source to pine to /usr/src (or substitute in a directory
> > you can write to), build it, and install the resulting debs:
> > 
> >   apt-src install --location=/usr/src -i pine
> Q. Can one have a "default source directory" in a local config file?

Yes. You can put that in /etc/apt/apt.conf or in ~/.apt-src/config. The
option is documented in the man page.

> >   apt-src install foo
> >   cd foo-version
> >   patch <~/my-foo-patch
> >   apt-src build --installdebs foo
> Q. What does it do in the presence of a missing build-dependency?

It ensures build-deps are satisfied before building. If building as a
regular user, it will abort there. I may add a switch later to make it
skip testing build deps.

> I'd like options for it to 
> A. fail (only thing to do if run by non-root)
> A1. install build dependencies from binaries
> A2. Run "apt-src build --installdebs bar" for each missing bar in 
>     foo's build-depends

Hmm, that last one is interesting. I will probably be making nearly
every command it runs configurable, so you'll be able to replace the
regular "apt-get build-dep foo" with a script that does what you want at

> Also, can one give apt-src a "gain root" command, so it will build
> the package as non-root, but install it as root? (e.g, su -c or sudo)

It currently is hardcoded to use sudo; this will be configurable later.

see shy jo

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