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Re: announcing apt-src

Andres Salomon wrote:
> Just out of curiosity, how do you see this fitting in w/ kernel source
> trees, make-kpkg, and the various kernel patch/modules/etc?  I'm not a
> big fan of make-kpkg; dh_kpatches, otoh, is quite convenient from a
> packager's point of view, but not an end user's.  From your description,
> it sounds like apt-src should be able to manage kernel source trees
> nicely, and w/ a few feature additions for kernel patches, modules, and
> perhaps even some sort of debconf interface which calls hardware
> detection packages to provide a list of hardware... ack, I'm getting
> carried away. :)

I don't see this replacing make-kpkg; I am appreciative of the great deal
of work put into make-kpkg. But it can be integrated in with it, so
kernel sources, and add-on module sources are installed and upgraded
using apt-src, and so when make-kpkg is building a kernel it hooks into
apt-src as one way to work out what module packages to build.

I myself keep kernel and module sources in my home directory, and build
then as a normal user, and while make-kpkg can handle this, it is a pain
to keep all the source trees updated, as -source packages dump them
rather nastily as tarballs in /usr/src. That's the kind of problem
apt-src is meant to solve.

see shy jo

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