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Re: Wish: Unfreeze Woody and start anew

Florent Rougon wrote:

Yeah, great, I like this principle too. There is a least one problem,
though: some important packages, say XFree 4.2, are said to be waiting
for woody's release. I know about several cases where this will imply
(because of the graphics adapters support in 4.2) a Mandrake
distribution being installed on a server[1] instead of a Debian system.
I hope I won't have to fix too many things... More importantly, we are
losing potential users.

[1] Well, a machine on which several users will log into and run X
    programs, among others

Why should that matter? Being an X server for remote clients has absolutely nothing to do with the video card installed on the server. It can be headless for all it matters.

Paul 'just wait for it' Baker

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