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Re: Wish: Unfreeze Woody and start anew

On Sun, Jun 09, 2002 at 11:16:43AM +0200, Florent Rougon wrote:
> Paul Baker <pbaker@where2getit.com> wrote:
> > Why should that matter? Being an X server for remote clients has absolutely
> > nothing to do with the video card installed on the server. It can be headless
> > for all it matters.
> Yes, I know. But:
> 2) If they ask me "So, you Debian fan, are you ready to put a Debian on
>    the server?" and I answer "Sure, but there won't be X, OK?", you can
>    be assured that Debian will keep its reputation of shipping with old

What's wrong with using the vesa driver, if the X server is only for

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