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Re: Woody release - WHAT is current status

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Paul Baker wrote on Thu Jun 06, 2002 um 02:19:03PM:

> Why does it matter so much when it's released? Who cares. Release it 

People that _need_ newer software _and_ security updates in time.

> when it's ready. People that want to use woody can. No one is stopping 
> them from going all s/potato|stable/woody/g on their 

For example, you want to use Debian as base for a terminal server for a
large user base. What would you take? Potato? Yet now, I can imagine
follow things I would need that are not available in Potato:

 - Mozilla
 - kdm
 - up-to-date Java packages (ie. those from blackdown, require newer
 - up-to-date SSH
 - up-to-date AFS packages
 - up-to-date samba packages
 - up-to-date LVM packages
 - up-to-date versions of icewm and wmaker
 - Jabber messaging clients
 - newer versions of common programs should be available too, ie. vim-6,
   gimp-1.2 etc. There are lots of useability bugfixes and other
   upstream bugfixes in most packages.

Sure, most of these things can be backported, but it is just better to
have them out-of-the box.

> /etc/apt/sources.list file. Since 95% of users use i386 anyway, for all 
> practical purposes woody is released since any security problems that 

These are important issues. CD distributors do not want to release
without the "stable" label. Touchy users do not want to run something
without security support. From my point of view, we are freezing a
_stable_ distribution without much gain.

> regardless of whether woody is "officially released" or not. Just deal 
> with it. For crying out, maybe you should start up a 
> www.mozilla^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hwoodyquest.com website so you can bitch and 
> bitch to your hearts content that 1.0^H^H^H3.0 hasn't released yet.

Blah. I do not want to cry, I think you are a bit confused after reading
other postings bitching about 1.0 not going into Woody. I just pointed
out that our mission is becoming more and more absurd.

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