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Re: Woody release - WHAT is current status

On Thu, Jun 06, 2002 at 02:19:03PM -0500, Paul Baker wrote:
> practical purposes woody is released since any security problems that 
> are found in woody will be uploaded for i386 arch pretty damn quick 
> regardless of whether woody is "officially released" or not.

DSA130-1 2002-06-01: 

Users of the not-yet-released woody distribution should ensure that they
are running ethereal 0.9.4-1 or a later version.

Today: 2002-06-06:

testing  ethereal 0.9.3-1   (1304.8k)  
   Network traffic analyzer 
unstable  ethereal 0.9.4-1   (1475.3k)  
   Network traffic analyzer 

As you can see 6 day after a security advisory woody is still vulnerable. Of
course potao is, too. But the potato version is on security.debian.org, for
woody it is not:

Index of /dists/woody/updates/main/binary-i386  

 Name                    Last modified       Size  Description
 Parent Directory        01-May-2002 14:14      -  
 qpopper-drac_4.0.4-2..> 29-Apr-2002 17:02   414k  
 qpopper_4.0.4-2_i386..> 29-Apr-2002 17:02   413k  
 squirrelmail_1.2.6-1..> 01-May-2002 14:15   1.8M  
 Packages                01-Jun-2002 15:38     3k  
 Packages.gz             01-Jun-2002 15:38     1k  

This is why we can't release.


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