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Clarification of WineX packaging request

After having read a few of the comments on our request not to have WineX added to Debian,
I thought that I should clarify a few things.

First of all, we have made, and hope to continue to make, substantial contributions to
free software projects such as Wine and now ReWind.  I think our record on this front
speaks for itself to anyone who cares to browse the wine-patches archives, or look
at some of my recent posts on wine-devel.

As for the ITP, we have no intention of forcibly stopping Debian from packaging the current
version of WineX.  Our license allows you to do so, provided that none of the servers that
serve the non-free archive are supported by advertising, or other commercial activity.

We have merely asked (politely, I think) that you not do so, out of concern for our ability
to continue financing our ongoing development efforts, as well as to avoid confusion with
our full download release which includes support for copy protection, and binary DLLs
which we have the right to redistribute, but not to sublicense.

If Debian goes ahead and packages WineX despite our request, we will have to evaluate how
that is affecting our financial situation, and determine whether we should change our
license to restrict any future binary-packaged redistribution, regardless of commercial or
non-commercial intent.  It would certainly be our preference not to have to do so.

Take care,

Gavriel State, CEO
TransGaming Technologies Inc.

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