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Re: firewalls immoral?

On Wed, 2002-05-22 at 13:28, Craig Dickson wrote:
> I don't know if he would argue today against passwords
> and wheel groups in the context of the modern internet, on machines that
> belong to businesses or private individuals. I hope not.

Well, I remember reading that in the early 90's RMS allowed the
institution of passwords on FSF machines after they were being
increasingly abused. Here it is: http://www.kde.org/food/rms.html

"HY: So, you still don't have security?

RMS: I regret to say that we had to. There was this one person who
repeatedly erased our files and there was no choice. So we made a
gateway, a login server. But since I thought that this was such a sad
thing, I thought I should suffer more from it so I can't log in on that

-Randy Yarger

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