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Re: where do NEW packages go?

On Mon, May 20, 2002 at 02:46:43PM -0400, Michael Stone wrote:
> On Mon, May 20, 2002 at 12:37:06PM -0600, Joel Baker wrote:
> > It seems like Policy would pick this up if the FHS itself was amended, by
> > default. Now, since as we all know, Policy Isn't A Beating Stick (tm), the
> > migration to libexec, while a Good Thing in principle (if and when it makes
> > it into the FHS) would need to be treated much like the doc -> share stuff
> > that we've been working on for... two releases now, is it?
> Not really. docs are a different case because people actually need to go
> looking for & find them. If we have a release with things spread between
> /lib and /libexec it's not as big a deal as telling people "usually your
> docs are under /usr/doc, but you might want to check /usr/share/doc
> also. This is documented in the docs. :)" As long as programs can find
> their *own* libexec's and dependencies are handled properly, I don't see
> why a partial libexec transition is impossible.

Perhaps I wasn't entirely clear. The comment was predicated on the basic
assumption that "the FHS decides libexec is a good idea, or Debian decides
that it's a good enough idea to override the FHS in Policy". Which is by
no means a realistic assumption, necessarily; just that *if* this were the
case, *then* we'd eventually want to actually follow Policy. However, for
the very reasons you cite - specifically, having stuff scattered isn't
a horrible problem as long as packages can find their own stuff (and that
of anything they depend on, but that's part of the maintainers job to keep
track of) - the migration should be, for want of a better word, "mellow".
Won't hurt anyone if it takes a couple of releases to be complete, etc.

Leaving it in a partial state permanently really serves nobody's best
interests, that I can see; it's just confusing (and prevents some of the
stuff that folks find useful about libexec). Walk in middle of the road,
get squished like grape. Try to jump to other side of road with too much
traffic coming, still get squished like grape. :)

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