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Re: where do NEW packages go?

On Sun, May 19, 2002 at 07:13:40PM -0700, Thomas Bushnell, BSG wrote:
> Nobody has yet actually proposed any such change on behalf of the
> Debian GNU/Hurd porting team.  So can we just move on, and debate the
> issue only if there's actually someone around to debate the other
> side?

You mean the debian hurd cabal hasn't given its imprimatur to the
proposals? :)

On Sun, May 19, 2002 at 07:14:47PM -0700, Thomas Bushnell, BSG wrote:
> A given file should normally be in the same place on every Debian
> system.  I think this is a principle that everyone can live with.

I would have thought so to. But there are a number of people who seem to
argue that. I know you're trying to play peacemaker, but everyone does
*not* seem to be on the same page.

Mike Stone

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