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Re: where do NEW packages go?

On Sat, 18 May 2002, Chris Lawrence wrote:

> Now, if there *needs* to be a /hurd directory for the Hurd
> non-kernel/microkernel/whatever to work as the basis for a port of the
> Debian operating system, then that needs to be taken up with the
> policy group so the appropriate amendments to the FHS can be made
> (either to the FHS itself or as exceptions in Debian policy that only
> apply to those ports).  Same deal if there *needs* to be a /libexec
> for various BSD ports.  But it makes about as much sense to require
> /libexec or /hurd on a Linux port as it does to require the kernel to
> be called "vmlinux" when it's Debian/OpenBSD.

What a port needs to function is really not a concern of Debian Policy.  If
those invovled say a port requires foo to function, then why should Debian say
they can't use it?

> The point of Debian is to have "userland" as similar as possible on
> all Debian systems; Apache should always be in the same place whether
> you're running Debian on Linux/m68k or Linux/MIPS or FreeBSD or the
> Hurd.  That's what standards are for.  I want to be able to log into a
> Debian Hurd system and not need to know that it's a Hurd system unless
> I want to do special "Hurd things" that can't be done on other Debian
> systems, just like I can log onto a Debian/m68k or Debian/Alpha box
> and have everything "just work" unless I need to do something
> hardware-specific.

Having /hurd has nothing to do with FHS.  You can have FHS, as well as having

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