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Re: CVS directories in debian packages

>>"Bernhard" == Bernhard R Link <blink@informatik.uni-freiburg.de> writes:

 Bernhard> While I think this is true for finished packages, I think having
 Bernhard> CVS in an source-package can make sense for experimental packages
 Bernhard> to be shared between an group of people. Beeing able to
 Bernhard> unpack it and first update it to the newest upstream-version 
 Bernhard> is quite nice. (There are other possiblities for it, but I think
 Bernhard> this has it's uses).

	Let me see. 

 a) If you have your CVS repository local to you your ./CVS/Root would
    contain a local file path, and would be useless to people not on
    the same machine, whether or not you have remote access to your
 b) If you have remote access to your repository, why are people not
    using that directly? Why must they go through untarring the
 c) You anre now locking out anyone who may want to use a local
    repository and send you patches from known, released versions. 

	So, if you have a central, distributed repository, having
 direct access is better (allows checkin), and the CVS dirs in sources
 do not add much; but seriously hampers people who may want revision
 control, but not your repository.

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