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Re: where do NEW packages go?

Adam Heath <doogie@debian.org> wrote:
> hurd does not exist alone in the universe, it exists alongside debian.

True. But for most people in Debian, the Hurd doesn't exist at all and
they "don't feel like caring about the Hurd". That is not only my
subjective impression, but also what Debian developers said in the past
(and some did behave accordingly). I would love to see the Hurd people
and Debian people cooperate, but like Jeroen (and others as well), I
have given up any hope and don't think that Debian will ever change in
the necessary ways, as we were even told by people that they are
unwilling to understand the Hurd-related issues.

Putting people like Jeroen who complain about these things in your
killfile won't help, and even indicates that what I wrote above is true:
Debian people prefer to ignore these issues. Or do you think there are
no problems at all and we are just whining? I can assure you that this
is not the case. And while I understand that Debian has enough problems
on its own, I think that something needs to be done with respect to the
Hurd port, and I feel that this would be in the interest of everyone

BTW, I planned to become a Debian developer a while ago, but for reasons
similar to Jeroens, I have changed my opinion on that. I hope that
others can keep their optimism longer than we could and will actually be
able to improve Debian, but I doubt it. I rather expect that the Debian
GNU/*BSD people will feel similar like most of us do right now. I hope
that I'm wrong. :-/

Thanks for listening to me.


Wolfgang Jährling  <wolfgang@pro-linux.de>  \\  http://stdio.cjb.net/
Debian GNU/Hurd user && Debian GNU/Linux user \\  http://www.gnu.org/
The Hurd Hacking Guide: http://www.gnu.org/software/hurd/hacking-guide/
["We're way ahead of you here. The Hurd has always been on the    ]
[ cutting edge of not being good for anything." -- Roland McGrath ]

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