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Re: RMS' girlfriend

also sprach Federico Di Gregorio <fog@initd.org> [2002.05.17.1753 +0200]:
> > it is, however, amazing what little it takes to get Debian people off
> > what they should be doing and onto ridiculously stupid discussions.
> > i am almost sure that the big Bruce Perens did this on purpose as
> > a proof of concept. could you all just stop worrying about it and get
> > back to debian? it happens too often, threads about spam, RMS'
> > girlfriend, whatever, which tend to fill more then 50% of the volume
> > of this DEBIAN mailing list
> maybe we like it that way. /me loads his rifle and shoot down a duck. :)

nobody kills this duck.

what i said was not particular to debian btw.
it seems that most every group of geeks has this tendency...

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last year, out in california, at a pc users group, there was a demo of
smart speech recognition software. before the demonstrator could begin
his demo, a voice called out from the audience: "format c, return.
yes, return." a short demo it was.

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