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Re: RMS' girlfriend

also sprach Carlos Laviola <claviola@debian.org> [2002.05.17.1719 +0200]:
> I fail to see the relation between Bruce (was big in Debian) and RMS
> (was never in Debian) and God (never seen anywhere, IIRC).  What I meant
> by saying "this is Bruce Perens" was that he is clueful enough to know
> what he should and what he should not post, most of the times.

this is Bruce Perens, he surely has had a lot of influence in Debian
and other projects, he surely is a well-known figure and he surely has
got a name. That does *not* mean that he always knows what is
appropriate and what not. i ain't bitching and there's no need to
apologize, but i absolutely think that his original post was not at
all appropriate. first, it's relevance to debian is 0, and second,
just because RMS has a name doesn't mean that everybody using GNU has
to be interested in his private life.

it is, however, amazing what little it takes to get Debian people off
what they should be doing and onto ridiculously stupid discussions.
i am almost sure that the big Bruce Perens did this on purpose as
a proof of concept. could you all just stop worrying about it and get
back to debian? it happens too often, threads about spam, RMS'
girlfriend, whatever, which tend to fill more then 50% of the volume
of this DEBIAN mailing list.

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