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Re: RMS' girlfriend

On Sat, May 11, 2002 at 05:47:49PM +0000, Wilmer van der Gaast wrote:
> Bruce Perens@lists.debian-devel@Sat, 11 May 2002 03:10:42 -0700 (PDT):
> > She is also tall, thin, young, [..]
> >  
> and does she also have a laaaaaarge beard?
> (/me hides)
> Anyway, I suppose this should've been on debian-curiosa? That's the
> debian-whocares Sean's talking about, I think.

People should just stop being so arrogant.  This is Bruce Perens and he
will rarely ever post something as off-topic as this again, so there's
no need for anyone to try to teach him how to use debian-devel, he
probably knows it.

FWIW, I thought it was somewhat interesting info.  >:)

Carlos Laviola   <claviola@debian.org>
Debian GNU/Linux <http://www.debian.org>

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