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Re: please move webmin 0.94 into woody

On 9 May 2002, Arnaud Ligot wrote:

> we can make 2 packages : webmin and webmin-ssl! at the first time, the
> peoples install 'webmin' and in a second time when they do their apt-get
> dist-upgrade, they update to 'webmin-ssl' We can make a warning message
> for the security of the package 'webmin'.

Please take an look at the actual package.  This is exactly how it work
now. (In sid, the issue here is it has not propogated to woody.)  The
former webmin-ssl package is now a dummy package which installs webmin
which contains SSL support.  This way people upgrading from webmin or
webmin-ssl both get the SSL support.

Anyway none of this does a damn bit of good unless aj allows changes to
woody.  (or at least flatly disallows them.  Then I can at least upload
0.970 to sid and ask for the removal of webmin from woody.)  But aj hasn't
responded so i'm stuck.  Every day, I don't do anything is another day
somone potentially gets rooted.  That doesn't make Debian look good.

Jaldhar H. Vyas <jaldhar@debian.org>
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