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Re: Editor Priorities

>>"m" == m  <m@moshez.org> writes:

	Hmm. Perhaps we need to emphasize the requirements, and link
 the criteria to the requirements, in order not to have this
 devolve into yet another editor flammage?

	First, a few observations
  a) It is unlikely that any significant number of users shall call
     sensible-editor directly, most people have some preferences, and
     they use them.
  b) Programs, like vigr, reportbug, cvs commit, that need to have
     user edited files are generally the candidates for using sensible
  c) The program called may not be the editor the human is used to, so
     the editor must be relatively easy to use, or have visible help
     for new users
  d) The editor in question *MUST* work on the console, since
     cvs/reportbug may well be invoked on the console. 
  e) must support a modicum of modern editing capabilities (this is
     where I get into trouble, I guess). What I mean is that ed,
     capable though it is, ought not to be considered; we do need a
     ``visual'' editor

 * [Meta] Programmer-specific things are useless here. Programmers
   will run their favourite editor by explicit name.


 * Search and replace +10
 * Supports undo/redo +20

	justification: observation e

 * Supports pausing using ^Z +20

	C-Z should not be the required keystroke.
        justification: observation e

 * Can start typing without reading a manual +30
 * Can complete a whole editing session without reading a manual +50

	justification: observation c

 * Built-in on line help +30

	justification: observation c

 * Start-up time not noticeable +30

	Not relevant -- most cases, unless we are talking of latency
 measured in minutes, though inconvenient, this is not a primary

 * Not free -50

	No. The user has the editor installed, and thus it should be
 considered. This criteria should go.

 * Reads a global RC file +20

	What on earth for? Irrelevant

 * Edits files in place +20

	Umm, why again? as long as the replacement is done securely,
 this should not be very relevant.

 * Wraps lines -20

	This could go either way. I like the lines being wrapped in
 CVS and reportbug, but not in vigr. Perhaps a toggle?

* Non-ASCII characters support +3

  nice, but not really a requirement, for the projected usage. People
  who require non-ascii char support can change the alternatives,
  install only conforming editors, or set the EDITOR variable while we
  get out house in order. (I have no objection to this criteria
  remaining in, though). 

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