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Re: libreadline

Jeroen Dekkers <jeroen@dekkers.cx> writes:

> Then it is probably partly ABI-compatible which I wasn't sure
> about. Reading the description it says it provides not all the
> features, so it isn't totally ABI compatible? That could give some
> nasty bugs...

If there is a program that links with OpenSSL and some GPL'd program,
and has to be linked with that GPL'd program to work right, then it
violates the GPL to distribute it.  This was all assuming that
editline *is* a good enough replacement to make the program no longer
in violation of the GPL (provided, of course, that we don't ourselves
proceed to distribute a version that links with readline).

> Am I right that you actually want to have libeditline provide
> libreadline, but a simple Provide: won't work here because versioned
> provides don't work?

I don't want that because I want the ability to have *BOTH* libraries

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