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Re: libreadline

Brian May <bam@snoopy.apana.org.au> writes:

> > Horrible idea.  I want to have libreadline on my system *and*
> > libeditline, *and* use all the available applications.  The conflict
> > you suggest would destroy this.
> In that case, why not create another package?

Huh?  How would creating another package help?  Maybe I'm
misunderstanding something.

> > The thing to do is to actually fix the packages in question to link
> > against libeditline itself.
> (remembering that the goal of the Debian maintainer should not be to
> rewrite configure scripts which may never get integrated upstream).

The Debian maintainer cannot simultaneously meet *all* goals in cases
like this.  The question is, which is the best one to let slide.  It
seems to me that having the maintainer make a trivial one-line change
to the source is much better than any of the other alternatives.


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