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Re: libreadline

Brian May <bam@snoopy.apana.org.au> writes:

> That way you can install both libeditline-dev and libreadline-dev at the
> same time if you want, but packages can still build-depend
> libeditline-convert.

And then I can't have all those packages at once.  As long as there is
a conflict in the setup, then there is an artificial restriction on
what packages I can have done.

> Unfortunately it isn't always as simple as making a one line change. You
> have to understand the way the configure script works, how it calls
> these macros, try to get autoconf generate a new configure script (it
> doesn't always work on upstream code).

If it's *that* hard in some particular case, then the upstream program
is very likely violating the GPL itself...

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