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Re: Heimdal vs. Kerberos4kth

On Sun, Apr 21, 2002 at 12:43:18PM -0400, eichin-lists@boxedpenguin.com wrote:
> > static /**/const char *const rcsid[] = { (const char *)rcsid, "\100(#)" msg }
> I'm not sure what the \100 is for (why not have it a literal @ sign?
> something excessively clever is going on there), but I suspect that if
> you nuked it, or replaced it with an @-sign, the problem will vanish...

Lots of this code I don't understand, and that line (+ the 4 other
identical definitations included in each C file) really puzzles me.

I fixed this, and also ignore the return code autoconf returns.
It seems to work...

Anyway, I have been messing up lots of code.

I have changed krb4 to build all libraries again, and not
use any from Heimdal.

I have changed heimdal to use these libraries.

So far there seems to be only two problems (and everything

1. ftp client and daemon in heimdal require GLOB_LIMIT and GLOB_QUOTE
to be defined. However, in krb4 these are defined in glob.h,
and this glob.h conflicts with the one in glibc. I have hardcoded
these constants. I wonder what version of glob is being used anyway...

2. kafs in krb4 only has krb4 support, in kerberos it has krb5 support.
However, krb4 requires kafs to link, and kerberos requires it to link
too. I don't know what to do here. At the moment I have two conflicting

As usual, I will put it online

Currently only krb4 is online, will put Heimdal there as soon as it
builds. Assumming it does build. It built just seconds ago, lets see if
dpkg-buildpackage works...

rats, still more of this:

../../include/config.h:1283: warning: `RCSID' redefined

I thought I fixed that :-( How many times does config.h define RCSID????

If the package doesn't build for any reason (I think it should), I will
put the source online instead, so others can at least take a look.

After working on this all day, I am getting just a bit sick of
looking at this at the moment.

Any bugs, please send reports to > /dev/create_patch_to_fix_problem,
and your computer will automagically fix the problem.
Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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