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Re: Heimdal vs. Kerberos4kth

On Mon, 2002-04-22 at 19:21, Brian May wrote:
> So far there seems to be only two problems (and everything
> compiles):
> 1. ftp client and daemon in heimdal require GLOB_LIMIT and GLOB_QUOTE
> to be defined. However, in krb4 these are defined in glob.h,
> and this glob.h conflicts with the one in glibc. I have hardcoded
> these constants. I wonder what version of glob is being used anyway...

I have ignored this problem for now ;-)

> 2. kafs in krb4 only has krb4 support, in kerberos it has krb5 support.
> However, krb4 requires kafs to link, and kerberos requires it to link
> too. I don't know what to do here. At the moment I have two conflicting
> libraries.

I have renamed this to libkafs4, libkafs is in heimdal.

> As usual, I will put it online
> <URL:http://snoopy.apana.org.au/~ftp/debian/>

Can I please get people to test this out?

If no problems are reported, I will NMU kerberos4kth (as per maintainers
request), and upload Heimdal.

This change probably will break everything currently compiled for
any of these packages (recompilation should fix this), hopefully I have
set the conflicts correctly though so the upgrade process should be


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