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Re: XFree 4.2.0 - again

>> That's the result of reading your (=Debian developers') rude replies >> to very polite questions asked by other people.
> If you claim that your first post was polite I am truly amazed. It was
> a very rude and very clueless attack against Branden. You owe him an
> apology.

My message was not meant to be polite. Instead its purpose was to shake
people a bit (and it succeeded). Those polite questions with rude
answers I was referring to can be easily found with a quick search on
Google, if anyone cares.

After silently reading those for several months, I just wouldn't want to go there and post another polite question.

What I didn't know when posting that was that you are trying to release
Woody very soon. It is acceptable that, at such phase, all time is
temporarily (for couple of weeks) devoted for it.

The message I manually forwarded to the list.. while Mozilla was sending
it, I noticed that the CC to list was missing and thought that the
reason was me accidentally hitting Reply (instead of Reply All). I

Some people said that I'm not contributing. I don't know if they meant
Debian or open-source in general. In case of the former, they are right.
I'm a human with limited resources.

>> User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Win98; en-US; rv:0.9.8)
> Why doesn't that surprise me?

Because you know that my hardware doesn't work in Debian and I have to
use W98? I realized too late that it was a mistake to get rid of that
Matrox G400.

> Do you know how to operate CVS and get your OWN copy of 4.2?

LOL. As if I didn't use CVS daily for developement and as if I hadn't co'ed CVS-versions of XF few weeks before 4.2.0 was released (and several times after that too), to get the hardware support. Every version refused to compile here though.

I am not going to apologize anything from Branden - I said that he doesn't have enough time that doesn't seem like an insult to me. I also understand why 4.2.0 won't go in Woody (and I don't care: I can always use those "unstable" (or experimental) versions).

Anyway, no need to add my address to your mail filters - this will be my
last post about this topic, on this list. Now that I have surely awaken
you, it's better not waste time flaming here, while you could be
fine-tuning Woody.

Thanks for the greatest distro (if it wasn't the greatest, I wouldn't even write to this list: a little dilemma for you;).

- Tronic -

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