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Re: XFree 4.2.0 - again

Someone said that X is a difficult package to maintain and that there is nothing wrong if PACKAGING it takes 3+ months. People have managed to install it from sources in matter of HOURS (well, that didn't work for me, dunno why). Based on that packaging it during a single weekend should be possible. As we are talking about UNSTABLE here, no real testing needs to be done before releasing - that's what the Debian Unstable is for, right?

4.2.0 doesn't matter, as it's not going into Woody; what needs to be
done on the X packages is getting the highest quality packages X
packages for Woody, which he is doing just fine.

Well, it seems that you almost need 4.2.0 for Woody anyway, if it is going to work with any recent hardware (unless you are aiming for servers only). Or are you going to hack 4.2.0 display drivers into 4.1.0?

This is about the rudest message I've seen on this mailing list in a

That's the result of reading your (=Debian developers') rude replies to very polite questions asked by other people.

while. "I have too much stuff to do to actually help Debian, but I'm
willing to order around volunteers." Part of the reason Branden is the X
maintainer, is because X is possibly the hardest package in Debian to
maintain, and Branden is willing and able to do a job most of the rest
of us couldn't or wouldn't.

I have seen that same model happening in many places (trustees of associations, software developers, ..). Everybody thinks that someone is vital for what he is doing and no-one is willing to replace him... Well, then someone else comes and questions that - and gets lots of flame. Often that still, finally, leads to replacing that person with a new, "fresh" one. Usually the change is for the good, after all. People who have done something for ages just don't care about it anymore, but new people are willing to devote all their time for it..

- Tronic -

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